Jeff Fallon

In a career that spans over 20yrs, "ACE & Mo AWARD WINNER" FALLON has earned the respect of an industry. With International Corporate performances in the likes of Vienna's Hof burg Palace, the Rome Hilton or our own Sydney Opera House, FALLON has been there and "blown them away!!!” After more than 5000 shows FALLON has trained his voice to do things others only dream about. "My passion has always been to give a song the same emotion and raw energy as the original, or more if that was possible". FALLON said. This explains his amazing ability to imitate virtually any singer. Tom Jones, Elvis, John Farnham, Meatloaf, Louis Armstrong even today’s a star like Jimmy Barnes, Rob Thomas or Bono etc. This natural talent has enabled FALLON to crossover into many genres, making a name for himself in Cabaret, Tribute Shows, Solo, Duo and straight out Rock Bands.Filling large venues is no problem for FALLON, with sold-out shows in the big International rooms like Panthers Evan Theatre, Rooty Hill RSL, Blacktown Workers, Hornsby RSL to name a few. Versatility is the name of the game in any business and Fallon has it in "SPADES"

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