Rocks Push

What can you say about a group of three that has the founding member of one of the heaviest and memorable rock bands in the world, a man, twice escaped from jail, on guitar and a man know by his peers as "The Professor of Percussion"?

Rocks Push in the poem, Rocks Push the secret society, Rocks Push the nightclub and now Rocks Push the band, all centre around the Rocks area of Old Sydney Town.

The names of Pete Wells and Chris Turner have been linked many times in the past.

Buffalo, Rose Tattoo, $cattered Aces and Turner, Wells & Royal are names steeped in rock history. Ad drummer Rob Grosser and you have what is collectively known as ‘Rocks Push’ – the band.

In this line up Pete Wells returns to his first instrument; the bass guitar, only this time he has six strings and more attitude. Pete’s thunderous bass lines give Turner and his Les Paul the chance to lay back n’ play. Rob Grosser, with his supremely powerful drum style, seems to fit effortlessly into the Turner/Wells partnership, as if made for the job.

The Rocks Push first album is called "Three Good Reasons For The Blues"- is now available through Big Rock. This LP has a basic honesty about it that captures these musicians at the moment, a record!

Although the band scoffed to define their collective efforts, ‘Power Blues’ would almost cover it. One listener to the album said he could hear hints of all their other bands throughout the album. The different song writing styles of Turner and Wells combine to make this a powerful blues statement but also Grosser’s influence here cannot be underestimated. The production by Russell Pilling and Rob Grosser have certainly captured this ‘Power Trio’ at it’s best.

The band has been filmed from the first run through to first gig with a view to a DVD and documentary. The album was recorded live onto 24-track analog, transferred to Pro tools to be mixed and mastered by Rob Grosser at Disgracelands Studios.

This is definitely nighttime blues music and should be listened to as it was recorded – loud n’ live.

Ladies n’ gentlemen – Rocks Push!

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Three Good Reasons For The Blues    Big Rock Records