Will Scarlett

International recording artist Will Scarlet is undoutbtly amongst one of Australia’s most respected blues men. As a high profile artist for the past 30 years representing the Australian music industry Will Scarlet has entertained audiences from around the world. His introduction into music at an early age (by Lobby Lloyd the Australian legendry blues man from “Colored Balls”) has developed his music over the years into an original sound not yet heard before in blues music. His look, and his music is as original as his new CD titled “Wanted it that Way”. This CD has a unique style of blues that sits on the cutting edge of country and power rock. An example of this is the track penned by Will titled “Sydney Bound.” This track gives indication, and becomes very evident of Will’s early music influence in country, rock. The superb combining of these music influences within the blues music structure has created an original sounding CD and has consolidated this artist as being amongst the worlds best blues artists.

Will ‘s CD features the who’s who of Australian blues-rock music. Artists such as Roger Fanes, bass player from “Masters Apprentices”. Paul Demarco on drums from Rose Tattoo. Vic Young on guitar from “Stevie Wright” band. Peter Kekel on keyboards from “Jimmy Barnes” band. The legendary Ted Pepper on sax, Australia’s own country rock fiddler “Pixie”. Harvey James, master guitarist from “Sherbet”. Ian Lees, bass player extraordinaire from “Stevie Wright” band. Rudy Miranda, Australian legendary drummer, and Justin Delio. Adding to this already amazing line up of artists on this must buy CD is Will’s record producer, blues rock guitarist Chris Turner from Big Rock, whose incredible guitar sounds feature predominately throughout the entire CD.

The title track “Wanted it That Way” (written by Australian rock music icon Jimmy Barnes) including the blues classic “Nobody Knows You When your Down and Out” gives the listener an indication on the brilliant vocal versatility and the amazing vocal talent of this exceptional blues singer songwriter. Will Scarlet, his music, and his live performances, are not to be missed. To see Will perform his CD live is to be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride of your life. Sit back and enjoy the singer, the songwriter, and the performer.

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Wanted It That Way    Big Rock Records