Truckin' Bill

Born Sydney, Australia, "Truckin' Bill" Ingram (a real truck driver with fifteen years experience driving big rigs Australia wide) has worked extensively in Sydney and has toured throughout Australia, Mexico and the West coast of the U.S.A.

Bill wrote the lyrics to the song "Natural Born Trucker" and teamed up with guitar virtuoso Chris "Doc Guitar" Turner. Chris wrote the music and produced the recording. Mack Trucks (Australia) took an interest, using the track for the launch of their Titan trucks, leading to increased sales of the Natural Born Trucker album.

Truckin' Bill is currently a popular vocalist with a top band on the Gold Coast of Australia. He varies his extensive repertoire to include Country, Rock and Roll, Soul and Ballads.

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"Natural Born Trucker" BR-CD 021-2 or cassette BRRLP021CASS